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Step up your marketing displays with floor graphics and turn what's beneath your feet into advertising or a signage space! Floor graphics, sometimes referred to as floor decals, are adhesive graphics that are applied to the ground to help advertise and direct foot traffic. Use floor graphics to advertise new products, promote upcoming events or display in-store specials.

Apply them to marble, ceramic, glass, concrete, asphalt, hardwood, vinyl, brick, carpet and even stairs! Our floor graphics are made of highly durable material that can withstand regular foot traffic.

Underrated yet highly effective, floor graphics are an unbeatable marketing tool.

Floor Graphics R10 IndoorStarts from $ 67.50

Floor Graphics R10 Indoor

Make the most of floor space with indoor floor graphics! Our 250gsm PVC laminated floor graphics are perfect for indoor carpet, tile, vinyl and other indoor floor surfaces.

Floor Graphics R12 OutdoorStarts from $ 130.00

Floor Graphics R12 Outdoor

Hog the sidewalk with our outdoor floor graphics! Made from a PVC free aluminium foil, our outdoor floor graphics separates itself from competition flaunting a longer life span & higher slip/scratch resistance (CSIRO tested & rated at R12). This materially is specifically designed for rough ground surfaces such as brick, concrete & bitumen.