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Free - Bookmark Sample Pack

Free - Bookmark Sample Pack


Check and feel the texture, print quality, and design excellence of our products with a bookmark sample pack. Your Print Guys understands your desire to feel a product before buying it. When you are at an impasse and can’t decide the right paper or finishing options, our comprehensive sample pack can help.

Standard and Basic BookmarksStarts from $ 35.00

Standard and Basic Bookmarks


Bookmarks are the perfect way to keep your company in front of your customers, even when they're snuggled up in bed with their favourite book. They make great gifts or items to sell, and people will hang onto them long after you have handed them out. Bookmarks are especially well-suited for targeting students, expectant mothers, children, and parishioners - demographics that typically read old-fashioned, hard copy books with pages that need to be turned. Queen Elizabeth I was apparently one of the first to own a bookmark in the sixteenth century, and like the bookmarks of the 1850s that have now become collectibles, yours will be cherished by recipients for years to come. Order your personalized bookmarks today!

420gsm Matt Cello Two Sides + Spot UV One Side BookmarksStarts from $ 183.47

420gsm Matt Cello Two Sides + Spot UV One Side Bookmarks


Looking to make a big impact with your next promotional bookmark? Our 420gsm Matt Cello Two Sides + Spot UV One Side Bookmarks are perfect for the job! These bookmarks feature high-impact graphics on both sides, plus spot UV treatment on one side for extra shine and attention. They're great for promoting brands or upcoming events, and they make a handy tool for saving information. Order yours today!